Top 6 Sexual Trends You Need To Know About RIGHT NOW

Sex is just three letters and one word, yet the possibilities and excitement are endless. It is perhaps the central focus of human existence, second only to perhaps feeding. Men and women engage in fulfillment of their carnal desires with each other and these are the most intimate moments between two human beings.

However after a given span of time, regular sex becomes boring and people start looking for something new and begin experimenting. While the benefits of monogamous relationships are many, people tend to look for new thrills and hence begin experimenting to get out of their comfort zone and get for themselves new experiences.

We have always believed sex to be flexible. Sex is not to be controlled by a set of rules for everyone. What works for everyone is different. Not all couples are alike. All people are different, and they are aroused by different objects and scenarios and hence, any attempt to restrict sex within a framework of rules is foolish.

In recent times with technological development and increased dissemination of information, things that used to be matters kept within closets are now known to everyone. There are some terms and practices related to sex that we believe everyone should know about.

So today we bring to you Top 6 Sexual Trends That You Need To Know About:

1. Swinging

Swinging , better known as wife swapping is an arrangement where two or more couples engage in non monogamous sexual intercourse. It often involves two or more couple, and the relations can be homosexual as well as heterosexual.

Swinging is said to have originated somewhere in the 1960s. However, it gained widespread popularity post 2000s. Today the availability of internet and specialized websites has made it so easy for people to find like minded people and engage in partner swapping.

The motives for swinging are different for different people. For some people, it is an exercise to break the monotony of their sexual lives, for others it is a means of socializing with other people and for some it is a means of strengthening their relationship. Whatever be the reason, the fact is swinging today is now more popular than ever, and is now talked about and perceived more openly.

Swinging always involves the consent of all the parties involved, and hence


2. Cuckolding

Of all the items listed here, cuckolding is getting the most popular day by day. Cuckolding refers to the practice of a husband who is aware of and encourages her wife’s adulterous activity. Cuckolding is often accompanied with cock shaming which includes the humiliation of the male partner because of his organ size. The purpose of such arrangements can be two fold- for the woman to derive more pleasure during sex with someone who preferably has a larger organ, and to humiliate the husband. The woman can assume more dominant role in such relationships. The male can be humiliated, and generally watches as the other two parties involved engage in sexual intercourse.

Flickr/ Robin Corps
Flickr/ Robin Corps

3. Polyamory

Polyamory is an arrangement where one person is involved in relationships with more than one person, with the knowledge and consent of all the people involved. It is amongst the newest forms of relationship arrangements and the sets of rules are quite varied. It can begin with a couple or more than two people involved, and then can extend to as many people as is consented by the people involved in the relation. The underlying principles are of love, honesty, trust and freedom. Polyamorous people often believe that in order to completely trust your partner, you do not need to restrict your partner’s freedom and engage in only a monogamous relationship.

Polyamory can involve both heterosexual and homosexual relationships, and there is no stigma attached to it of being applicable to only one of the two.



BDSM is understood to be the combination of three abbreviations- B/D which stands for Bondage and Discipline, D/S which stands for Dominance and Submission and S/M which stands for Sadism and Masochism. BDSM in itself is a very wide spectrum of sexual activities, and is often defined into various subcategories. It is often portrayed by the participants as a lifestyle choice they made willingly and something which cements their relationship with a more strong bond with their partner.

The most often encountered dynamics are one where one partner is Dominant and the other is the Submissive. The dominant has the control over a certain range of activities of the submissive. This is often extended to the psychological aspect and is not just limited to the physical aspect. Often a system of rewards and punishments is introduced for obeying and disobeying a command. Many people are also known to experiment with this lifestyle with escorts.

Erotic Sexy Corset Bdsm Handcuffs Bondage


DDLG stands for Daddy Dom / Little Girl. It is a relationship dynamic between two consenting adults where there is a general trait of submission by the woman. The activities try to emphasize or at least try to portray an age difference between the male and the female, the female being the younger of the two. The relation is centred around the use of the word ‘Daddy’ and sexual appeal is built around the word. This is a subset of the BDSM relationship which has gained wide popularity in young couples in these days. There are also many other things involved like stuffed toys, makeup, baby products and a system of rewards and punishments like many other BDSM relationships.


6. Cuckqueaning

It is the exact opposite of cuckolding in the sense that gender roles are reversed. Though the term was colloquially used to define a woman who had an adulterous husband, the term in contemporary context means a woman who enjoys her partner (often a male) having sexual relations with other women. The fetish has garnered quite a following in the present times. Like cuckolding, the cuckquean (the woman in question whose spouse is engaging in adulterous relations) is often aware of her partner engaging in such exogamous relations and she often encourages the behaviour. The principal motivation for the woman is that she derives sexual pleasure from her partner’s relations with other women.

The roles for cuckqueaning are not as strictly defined and can differ from couple to couple. In a heterosexual arrangement, the woman would have sex only with her partner, wherever in a bisexual arrangement the woman can have sex with both her man and the female. The man often assumes a dominant role, and hence the woman needs the man’s permission for getting involved. However, it is not a hard and fast rule. Dominant women make their submissive male partners engage in such behaviour for their pleasure too.


While sex has become more open, and people have been given more freedom to deal with everything governing their lives including their desires, it has also become more innovative and unconventional. We hope that our readers will have more informed opinions about these terms after reading this article.