Why You Got Abandoned By Your Favorite Escort?

Sometimes you’ll come across a situation when an Escort hangs up on you and the worst part is that you probably don’t realize what went wrong. Let me tell you the top reasons on why your escorts hang up on you.

  • Your appearance matters, it certainly matters even more when you are with Toronto Escorts. You can’t expect them to get along with you look untidy and smell bad.
  • Do not keep bickering about the price or money as this is one field where many go wrong. Escort’s price is the label of her pride. So, questioning her price is like questioning her integrity as an escort.
  • You might have gone rough on her or probably left a mark on her body without asking them. Some of the escorts have boyfriends or even husbands, so either you or they’ll be in trouble by any rough act.
  • Sometimes, you were so obsessed with yourself that you thought the escort was in love with you and you just drove her that way. Remember, it’s their job to make you feel wanted.
  • You might have acted jerk. You cannot just do anything with them just because you paid, it should be presented in a decent way so that the act should be mutual. Be nice to them and then expect it to be reciprocated.

Folks, better keep these things in mind for your future encounters with an escort and you won’t face any rejections from their end on your subsequent meetings.

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